New Groups

Would you like to be a Group Leader and set up a New Group for a pastime, interest or hobby that you have? MKU3A welcomes new groups and new ideas. Please contact the Groups Coordinator, Shirley Dewar at or telephone 07879 007513


Your life was hectic. It was busy with work and home commitments, and now you are likely to have time to devote yourselves to something that was on your bucket list or maybe not but it sounds interesting !!!

Why not Russian! 

The Russian language group for adults is aimed at you, complete beginners, and its main purpose is to develop colloquial Russian in basic conversation in order for you to feel comfortable without an interpreter. Therefore grammar and reading just serve as a background for learning the language.

The lessons are built in a form of dialogue between you and teacher on the basis of the learnt material. The subjects of the conversations are situations close to what would be real environment, discussions of Russian culture and cuisine included.

Tatiana Birch, native Russian tutor with 30 years of teaching experience. 

Think this might be you contact Tatiana on 01908 388 529 or e-mail

Tatiana has also found a central venue for a group to meet

Two people have already expressed an interest, however for the group to be viable it needs a few more members.

Guitar Playing Retired Rockers

Retired Mods also welcome

Was it an enjoyable misspent youth playing guitar?  Rekindle some of that by joining suggested new guitar group(s)?

Perhaps you’ve been dabbling already and fancy getting together with other guitarist’s to ‘knock out’ some of the tunes and songs you used to play? Or maybe you’re already ‘into it’ and would like to develop your skills/knowledge arranging tunes, practicing and jamming with others?

Interested in finding out more?

Go dig out your guitar in the loft and get in touch...

Contact:  Shirley Dewar

Email: groups@mku3a.or

Telephone: 07879 007513