New Groups

Would you like to be a Group Leader and set up a New Group for a pastime, interest or hobby that you have? MKU3A welcomes new groups and new ideas. Please contact the Groups Coordinator, Shirley Dewar at or telephone 07879 007513

Purpose of the group:

For anybody who enjoys food, trying new recipes, or maybe who needs inspiration in the kitchen!

An opportunity to chat about food related topics and exchange recipes and ideas. (This is not a cookery class and you don’t have to be a fantastic cook to come along! )

Suggested topics include:

Foods from around the world

Cooking on a budget

Healthy meals

Favourite desserts

Group would meet once a month possibly 3rd Wednesday

either 10-12 or 2 – 4pm (not sure where yet)

Proposer – Tina Griffiths

If you are interested in the above group, please intially contact

U3A Public Speaking Group Proposal Outline by Charmaine Richardson

Group size: 10.  Possible day – Thursday.

Members:  For those who have never done any public speaking before. Basic level.


  • To find out what it feels like to stand up and speak in front of people.
  • To build confidence.

The Talks: 

  • Can be impromptu or prepared.
  • Lasting 2-3 minutes.
  • Constructive audience feedback on delivery, content etc.

Structure:  Could operate on two levels:

  1. informal
  2. formal.

Could also be progressive where improvement is monitored personally/individually.  I probably wouldn’t want it to become competitive.


  • to stand up and deliver a 5 minute presentation.

I haven’t done any public speaking as such and wouldn’t want to run it on my own.  The above are just ideas and if someone wants to take over the idea themselves that would be fine.

Charmaine Richardson

If you are interested in this Group please contact initially.

Contact:  Shirley Dewar

Email: groups@mku3a.or

Telephone: 07879 007513