MKU3A – Our Committee and Team Members

The Committee of MKU3A is elected by members and are responsible for managing the MKU3A Charitable Trust on behalf of members.

Following the AGM on 22 March 2017, our Committee is now:

Acting Chair – Lesley Sparks e-mail:
  Acting Vice Chair – Dave Barratt, e-mail:
  Groups Co-ordinator - Shirley Dewar, email
   Acting Secretary - Diana Sears, email:
  Treasurer – Maureen Windridge, e-mail:
  Membership - Claire Naismith, email:
   Communications - Lesley Sparks, email:
   Trustee - Steve Royle, email:
  Datum Project & Webmaster - Dave Barratt, email:

Team Members (not Trustees, but very much a part of the Team)

Diana Sears Open Meetings
Office Manager
Sue Giordano Finance
Len Barrows Assistant Webmaster
Geraldine Cannell Group Finance